BB eases loan procedure for former enclaves

Posted by BankInfo on Wed, Nov 04 2015 12:42 pm
Economic Reporter :Bangladesh Bank (BB) on Tuesday eased the loan procedures for the former 111 enclaves so the farmers there could get agriculture loan at a low rate of interest.The central bank in a directive on Tuesday asked all the scheduled banks to give loans to the people of the former enclaves if they could submit the documents issued by the upzila nirbahi officer or sub-register, certifying their ownership over lands. The documents should have photographs of farmers concerned.BB issued the directive against the backdrop of the concern expressed by some farmers of the former enclaves to get bank loans before solving the persisting dispute over the ownership of lands there.The central bank further said people of the former enclaves would also get crop loans by forming a group with at least two members.The banks have also been advised to follow the directive until determination of the ownership over the disputed land of the 111 enclaves that have already been integrated into the mainland is going to get agriculture loan.BB on August 2 issued a directive to all the scheduled banks to distribute agriculture loan among the people of the areas that are now part of Bangladesh as per the Bangladesh-India land boundary agreement.
News:New Nation/4-Nov-2015
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