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Islamic Banking

Dhaka Bank Limited offers Shariah based Islamic Banking Services to its clients. The bank opened its First Islamic Banking Branch on July 02,2003 at Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka. The second Islamic Banking branch of the bank commenced its operation at Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong on May 22, 2004.Dhaka Bank Limited is a provider of on line banking services and any of its client may avail Islamic Banking services through any of the branches of the bank across the country.

Dhaka Bank Islamic Banking Branches offer fully Shariah based, Interest free, Profit-Loss Sharing Banking Services. Dhaka Bank Shariah Council is closely monitoring its activities. Besides, Dhaka Bank is an active member of Islamic Banking Consultative Forum, Dhaka and Central Shariah Board of Bangladesh.

Our valued clients may have the following accounts with our Islamic Banking Branches

01.Al-Wadeeah Current Account.
02.Mudaraba Savings Account.
03.Mudaraba Term Deposit Account.
04.Mudaraba Special Notice Account.
05.Mudaraba Hajj Savings Account.
06.Mudaraba Pension Scheme Account.
07.Mudaraba Special Deposit Scheme Account.
08.Mudaraba Foreign Currency Deposit Account.

Dhaka Bank Limited Islamic Banking Branches offer the following products
01.Mudaraba Purchase Order.
02.Bai Muazzal Industrial.
03.Bai Muazzal Others.
04.Mudaraba Post Import Trust Receipt.
05.Mudaraba Term Financing Industrial.
06.Mudaraba Term Financing Others.
07.Sirkatul Milk.
08.Ijara Transport.
09.Ijara Machinery & Equipment.

Besides, selling of Payment Order, Demand Draft, Bank Guarantee and other banking services are available in Dhaka Bank Limited Islamic Banking Services.


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