10 Most Popular Accounts

Current Acount
Our current account meets the needs of individual and commercial customers through our schedule benefit.
Savings Account
A savings account authorizes the bank to invest the funds deposited by the customers. A healthy interest rate is offered for the balance maintained and OBL's rate is very competitive in the industry. Unlimited withdrawals and deposits can be made using OBL branches, ATM, or using cheques.
Triple Benefits Savings Account
Triple Benefits Savings Account offers a high Interest is credited to the account every month on average monthly balance.

10 Random Accounts

Super Savers Account
You want a Savings Account that understands your need better! The Standard Chartered Super Savers brings you the ultimate trust, security and convenience in Savings Account. Any Bangladeshi national with an age of 18 years or above can open this account.
eSavers Account
eSavers Account is the Savings Account with Remote Banking solutions bundled with exclusive Customer Value Propositions. Here the accountholders will be primarily using our world-class alternate channels for their transactions and other regular banking needs. Any Bangladeshi national with an age of 18 years or above...
Regular Current Account
MEGHNA REGULAR CURRENT ACCOUNT is a transactional account which facilitates carrying out day-to-day business transactions. Frequency of deposits & withdrawals is unlimited but restricted to the Transaction Profile (TP) declared by the customer. MEGHNA Regular Current Account provides a host of services like anytime,...
Current Account
A Current account is ideal for carrying out day-to-day business transactions. With the MTB Regular Current Account, you can access your account anytime, anywhere, pay using payable at par cheques or deposit cheque at any MTB bank branch.
City Global FCY Acount
- Resident Bangladeshi nationals working with foreign/international organizations operating in Bangladesh provided salary paid in foreign currency, foreign nationals residing in Bangladesh, foreign missions and their expatriate employees and Non Resident Bangladeshis can open this account.
Current Account
It's easy to manage your daily finances with an HSBC current account. Making payments has never been so simple. With a current account, you won't need to rush around to pay your bills. Simply write out a cheque and mail it at your convenience. What's more, with our ATM Card, you'll have access to your account and a ...