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National Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd

Phone: +880-2-9561902-4, 9566283, 9563981-3
Fax: +880-2-9566290
Head Office
7-8, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh.
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Starting its journey as an investment company in 1985 National Credit and Commerce Bank ltd. came out as a private commercial bank in 1993. As an investment company it operated through its 16 branches with commendable reputation up to 1992 and in the following year it achieved the clearance of Bangladesh Bank to function as a full commercial bank.

At that time the bank had a paid up capital of Tk. 390 million while the same at the end of June, 2011 is Tk. 4501 million.

NCC Bank Ltd. came into the financial arena of Bangladesh with a vision to serve as a progressive and socially committed institution.

The bank motivated its work force for the mission to mobilize capital from within and abroad. Thus it attempted to contribute for development of Agriculture, Industry and Socio economy of the country. NCC Bank is carrying out its responsibilities through its 83 branches at almost all potential locations of the country.


The products of NCC Bank are Deposit, Loan & Advance, Cards and Remittance.

Deposit Accounts offered by NCCB are Savings Bank Deposit, Current, Special Notice Deposit (SND), Term Deposit, Premium Term Deposit, Instant Earning Term Deposit, Special Savings Scheme, Special Fixed Deposit Scheme, Money Double Program, NFCD and RFCD.

Loan and Advance schemes of the bank are as follows:

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Commerce and Trade Finance
  • Long Term (Capital) Finance
  • House Building Finance
  • Retail and Consumer Finance
  • SME Finance
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Import and Export Finance

NCC Bank launched its Visa Credit Card on 22 August, 2005. You may choose from three types of cards which are Visa Classic, Visa Gold (Local) and Visa Dual Currency Card (Local and Global).

NCC credit card service is available at a low interest rate (2% PM). The bank provides a supplementary

card free of cost for the spouse. It takes shortest processing time for a dual card (24 Hrs). Bill of roaming cell phone is payable through this card. Additional 142 ATM booths and 600 POS of Dutch Bangla Bank are open for the cards of NCC Bank.

Remittance products presented by NCC Bank are shown below:

  • Special Interest rate on Savings and Term Deposits
  • Wage Earners Welfare Deposit Pension Scheme
  • Loans For Real Estate (Land purchase and House Construction/Renovation)
  • Advance against Regular Remittance

Services Rendered by NCC

The services you may have from NCC Bank are:

  • Brokerage House
  • Treasury Service
  • Remittance Service

As a member of Dhaka Stock Exchange and a Depository Participant NCC provides full brokerage house services to you.

NCC Bank is a primary dealer of all government approved securities. So you may have the related services from it.

NCC Bank maintains correspondence with more than 330 financial institutions all over the world for providing you remittance services. More over it has agency arrangement with 12 reputed exchange houses touching almost all major locations of our expatriates.

The Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB) has completed its grading for NCC Bank up to 31 Dec, 2010. Accordingly the bank has been rated as A1 in long term and ST-2 in short term performances.

A commercial bank rated A1 is defined to be strong enough to meet its financial commitments. But it’s somewhat susceptible to the adverse effect of changes in circumstances and economic conditions than the banks obtaining a higher grade. A1 is judged to be of high quality and are subject to low credit risk.

Commercial banks having rated ST-2 are considered to have enough strength for timely repayment. Banks of this category are with commendable position in terms of liquidity, internal fund generation and access to alternate sources of funds.