5 Steps to Build Your Career in Banking Sector

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Oct 20 2010 12:59 am
Banking Career has a huge prospect now a days in a developing country like Bangladesh. A number of Banks are there both in Government and Private sectors which facilitate the young generation to come forward and work for them to increase the development rate of Bangladesh. The rapid growth of economics in this country is encouraging a lot of youth souls to get engaged in this sector.
Building career in Banking sector is not that difficult but you must have the determination and devotion to this profession. The job is hard and laborious but the outcome is really worthy. BankInfoBD.com is here to help those who are determined to work in the Banking sector of Bangladesh. We would like to introduce few steps for your preparation which may help you to come in this enormous opportunity.

Step 01: Check these issues with yourself, your compatibility with a banking career, whether you pay attention to detail or not, have a drive for perfection, like to achieve goals, enjoy constantly learning new information and skills, present a dependable image, like to work with people (some of whom can be very demanding) and have a clean criminal record? If so, move on to Step 02.

Step 02: Best chance to build a banking career is to have a Bachelors' degree in Business Administration but from other academic background there is a strong competency as well. All you have to do is to build your basic knowledge and ideas about banking and related events. Strong hold on Mathematics and English is a must along with good communication skill. So target these areas and start working accordingly.

Step 03: After completing BBA/MBA or Master Degree from any reputed university you can easily apply for a bank jobs if there is any advertisement from the Banks. You have to keep your eyes open and grab the opportunity the soonest it comes in your sight. Applying is not the only criteria to get a job, it is just a way to make an opportunity. You have to be well prepared for their examinations. You can consult many sample books available in the market regarding Bank Examinations. For latest information about the banks you can be in touch with the national daily newspapers as well as bank web sites. To minimize your searching hassle BankInfoBD.com has got all the latest information and news about the banks of Bangladesh. Just browse the site and you surely will have a glimpse over the ongoing events about the banks.

Step 04: There is another way you can build your career in banking sector. Bangladesh has a training institute specialized on banking sector named BIBM (Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management). It is located in Mirpur, Dhaka. Every year a limited number of students sat for admission test in BIBM and after a hard competition around fifty students are selected for the training in the institute. This is a one year long program and after passing from the institute successfully it does not remain difficult at all to get a very good job in any bank of Bangladesh. So this could be a very best option for you to build your career in banking sector. You can visit: http://www.bibm.org.bd/ for more info.

 Step 05: The final is to be more focused and being consistent with your work. Organizational power and communication skill is must to survive and to become successful in banking sector. Emergency situation management and client handling has to be impressive. Besides, presentation is very significant in this corporate world. If you can present yourself impressively your work is half done. So be prepared for office, concentrate on your work and client. Listen to them attentively and act accordingly. If you are sincere in your work success will just be a matter of time. 
Win Your Luck.

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