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In the year 1999 Trust Bank Limited emerged as a private commercial bank in the banking arena of Bangladesh with a vision to meet customers’ expectations to a bank. At the same time it would develop itself as the bank of choice through services and trust.

Trust Bank announced its mission to make banking easy for its clients. That is why it started one-stop service for the clients. As a part of the mission it supports the community it works in, to develop entrepreneurship and thus to help national economic growth.

Major activities

The major activities of TBL may be classified under the following heads:

  • Personal Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Merchant Banking
  • International Banking
  • Automated Banking

Personal Banking

Trust Bank provides all personal banking services like Current account, Savings account, and Fixed deposit. In addition it presents quite a good number of products for the customers. These are:

  • Trust HaateyKhori
  • Trust Manobee
  • Trust Assurance
  • Trust MaxMill
  • Trust Echo
  • Short Term Deposit
  • Trust Smart Savers Scheme
  • Trust Money Making Scheme
  • Trust Educare Scheme
  • Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme
  • Lakhopati Savings Scheme

Most of the schemes are designed to encourage you to save. The benefits are competitive. Trust HaateyKhori and Trust Manobee are not two schemes; these are rather clusters of schemes for students and women. Monthly benefit deposit scheme is targeted to elderly citizens to deposit a substantial amount at a time and to get a return every month. Trust assurance is an extraordinary savings scheme having an insurance facility incorporated with it.

TBL presented credit card service for its customers. The cards of different categories, such as local, international, and dual card are available with varied and attractive facilities.

Business Banking

Under business banking head the bank offers different services to finance major sectors of business in the country. It provides loan for corporate business, syndicates for large projects, and assists SMEs. The loans for corporate clients are to meet different needs of the businesses. Some of them are procurement of fixed assets and machinery, working capital etc. TBL may arrange syndication for you and it also participates in syndication.

SMEs are playing a very affective role in enhancing economic growth and creating employment. Trust Bank is very correctly addressing the sector to finance deserving candidates. TBL extends loans to SMEs of the following trades:

  • Trust Falan Agri-Business
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Light Engineering
  • Poultry Farming
  • Shopkeeper
  • Peak season
  • Women Entrepreneurship

Thus Trust bank tries to assist most of the small and medium size business people including women entrepreneurs. The terms and conditions are favorable and friendly for the people.

Merchant Banking

Merchant Banking functions performed by TBL are Issue Management, Underwriting, and Portfolio Investment Management. All these activities are related to capital market development. Through these banking activities the bank is working to establish a strong capital market.

International Banking

Trust Bank provides all banking services to export and import businesses of Bangladesh. The bank maintains an extensive correspondent network around the globe to serve you wherever you need its assistance.

For nonresident Bangladeshis it presents easy remittance service. Further to that you may have a foreign currency account if you are an expatriate. As a wage earner you may purchase Wage earner’s Development Bond from here.

People willing to travel abroad may have foreign currency endorsement and Travelers Cheques from here. This bank deals in foreign currencies and encash travelers cheques.

Islamic Banking

Trust Bank has developed Sariah compliant banking facility for the clients. A powerful Sariah Council constituted by eminent Islamic scholars verifies all the services and products for concurrence with Sariah before marketing any. Islamic banking service of TBL provides deposit, loan, investment, and trade products.

Automated Banking

TBL is committed to serve its clients fast and in the best possible way. So it had introduced internet banking, phone banking and SMS banking in the first chance. Debit card service is another exceptional product of TBL.

Trust Bank Limited is proceeding forward to the ultimate goal of steady growth and prosperity for all its stake holders and also for the nation.