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Global Trade Services

Global Trade Services (GTS), Head Office consists of two units- Financial Institutions or FI and Remittance Unit.

1. Financial Institutions

Trade finance has been a major area of business for Dhaka Bank Ltd. since inception in 1995. Financial Institutions Unit is responsible for facilitating bank’s trade finance business under prevailing local and international laws. Under the capable leadership of the current management, trade business is growing for both import & export.
Letter of Credit (L/C) is a popular instrument in modern trade finance transaction and it is the most widely used instrument for trade with Bangladesh. For secure & fast issuance/receipt and payment of L/Cs, banks need to maintain Relationship Management Applications (RMA), Nostro Accounts and different correspondent banking arrangements.
Dhaka Bank Ltd. mainly provides the following services:

* Import Letter of credits
* Export Letter of credits, negotiation & documentary collection
* Re-issuance of Local guarantees against counter guarantees from international correspondents.

FI arranges correspondent banking network, credit lines and other facilities required for to handle all trade related transactions of it’s 15 Authorized Dealer (AD) branches and one Offshore Banking unit of the. With a vast network (320+) of correspondents throughout the globe we are capable to advise L/Cs in all continents of the globe. For confirmation of L/Cs, Dhaka Bank enjoy significant amount of credit lines with almost all the major international banks and augmented by similar arrangements with banks in different regions.
To further enhance the capacity to support trade transactions, Dhaka Bank Limited signed up with Asian Development Bank (ADB) to avail credit guarantee facility from ADB under it's Trade Finance Facilitation Program (TFFP) for confirmation of the L/Cs issued by itself.

Centralized Trade Operations

Dhaka Bank Ltd. has 15 Authorized Dealer Branches who are authorized to transact in foreign exchange and to trade finance business. Dhaka Bank Ltd has centralized it’s Trade Operations since 2009 and they are now responsible for all trade related transactions. Trade Operations handle:

* All import L/Cs

* All Export Documents

* Follow-ups for all import/export payments/receipts till respective settlements.

With the best expertise in trade of the bank under a single roof working together, Centralized Trade Operations surely is a logical step forward to achieve excellence in banking.


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