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"Iqbql Centre" 3rd Floor, 42 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
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Premier Bank is one of the latest generation commercial banks of Bangladesh. The bank started functioning in 1999 after being established under the Banking Companies Act, 1991.

Products & Services

Premier Bank provides all general banking services and products for its customers. The products and services may be categorized as Deposit Products, Loan Products and Customer Services.

Deposit Products

The major deposit products of Premier Bank are Fixed Deposit, Premier Genius Account, Premier 50+ Account, Double Benefit Account, Monthly Income Scheme, Monthly Savings Scheme, and Education Savings Scheme.

Fixed Deposit Scheme is for those people, who want to deposit a lump sum of money for a definite period of time. The profit rate of this scheme is quite attractive.

Premier Genius Account is designed for students undertaking higher education. This scheme makes your banking easy and free from all hassle.

The deposit scheme designed for elderly citizens by Premier is 50 + scheme. This program offers good interest rate, priority service and no service charge.

If you want to double your money you should avail the Double Benefit Scheme of Premier Bank. It doubles your money in just 7 years and 7 months.

Your savings may generate a regular income. Premier Bank’s Monthly Income Scheme offers such an opportunity. Multiples of 50,000 are the deposits for the scheme and the interest is quite substantial.

You are a service personnel and your income is limited. You like to save some for future from your income. Monthly Savings Scheme of Premier Bank provides you a scope.

Your children are your best asset. Your desire is to equip them with best possible education. But quality education needs a lot of money. Education Savings Scheme of Premier Bank is the perfect solution.

In addition to all the above deposit schemes Premier Bank presents three types of foreign currency accounts for resident and nonresident citizens.

Loan Schemes

Premier Bank’s Loan Products spread over a wide range of schemes. The schemes are Personal Loan, Consumer Credit Scheme, House Building Loan, Doctor’s Loan, SME Finance, Women Entrepreneurs Finance, Student Credit Program, Lease Finance, and VISA Credit Card.

You are working in a well established organization as a salaried executive. In case you need a loan, say for emergency medical care, or purchasing electronic goods, or to meet travel expenses, you may have a loan from Premier Bank Personal Loan Scheme. Terms and conditions are quite reasonable.

Consumer Credit Scheme is a program to enhance your standard of living. Many of your expectations are yet to be fulfilled due to limited income. You have a loan under this scheme and fulfill at least some of your dreams. Repayment is in easy monthly installments.

One of the basic human desires is to have a house of his or her own. But this is not easy for a limited income person. Only a financial support can make that come true. Premier Bank provides Housing Loan at a competitive rate of interest.

Doctor’s Loan of Premier Bank is for medical practitioners to purchase medical equipment, car, and ambulance and for office/chamber rent or decoration. Any registered doctor, specialist, or hospital is eligible to apply for this loan.

Small and medium scale enterprises may be the main driving force of the economy of Bangladesh. Realizing this fact Premier Bank has imposed proper weightage on SME Financing. This scheme offers loan for Project, Working Capital, Lease Finance/Hire Purchase and Work order.

Women Entrepreneurs are given proper importance by Premier Bank through its WEF program. This scheme exclusively tailored to suit the particular group of people and to provide financial freedom to develop entrepreneurship.

Two categories of VISA Credit card are available with Premier Bank. These are local and international. Naturally International one is globally acceptable and Local card useable through 3500 outlets across the country.

Customer Services

In addition to all the above schemes Premier Bank serves Islami Banking to the clients. Shariah is perfectly followed under strict supervision of a competent committee.

This bank presents many other banking services to its customers. Some of them are Online Banking, Evening Banking, Brokerage House, Remittance Service and Locker Service.

Premier Bank’s slogan is ‘SERVICE FIRST’. The bank has taken these words as its motto. Since very inception it is trying hard to uphold the motto. It is serving its clients and the nation simultaneously.