Meghna Bank

Meghna Bank Limited

Phone: +88 02 9856881
Fax: +(880 2) 9857124, 9857128
Meghna Fixed Deposit
Meghna Regular Fixed Deposit (FDR) is a lucrative savings scheme of fixed nature that makes deposit grow over a certain period of time.
Meghna Salary Account
MEGHNA Bank Salary Account is a benefit-rich payroll account – basically a value-packed savings account – for Employers and Employees. Organizations having large number of employees in their payroll can opt for MEGHNA Salary Accounts to enable easy disbursements of salaries and enjoy numerous other benefits. An orga...
Meghna SND
Meghna SND Account provides a host services like anytime, anywhere banking in Bangladesh, which enables the customer to operate from any branch, provides for faster collection of cheques, Internet banking which enables online tracking of the account, execution of transactions and so on.
Regular Current Account
MEGHNA REGULAR CURRENT ACCOUNT is a transactional account which facilitates carrying out day-to-day business transactions. Frequency of deposits & withdrawals is unlimited but restricted to the Transaction Profile (TP) declared by the customer. MEGHNA Regular Current Account provides a host of services like anytime,...
Regular Savings Account
MEGHNA REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNT facilitates you to set aside a portion of your liquid funds while earning monetary return.
Senior Citizen Savings
MEGHNA Bank’s Senior Citizen’s Savings Account has been designed to empower senior citizens to independently carry out the day-to-day banking transactions with dignity and confidence. These senior citizen benefits are exclusively for customers above 50 years of age.
Young Star’s Account
Young Star’s Account is an interest-bearing savings account exclusively tailored for high school students, between age group of 10–18 years, providing technology enabled service through automated channels and with minimum physical branch access. It makes banking a pleasure and teaches a child to manage his/her perso...