Grameen Bank is tax exemption until ২0২0

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Bank News 4 dots kamah 5-year tax exemption benefits again is the Grameen Bank National Board of Revenue (NBR). As a result of the tax exemption until December ২0২0 income tax imposed on the income of any bank, suparatyaksa or business profit taxes will also be excluded. Esaaraora earlier this year from January 1 through December 31 of the 011 tax exemption was given. The summary will be sent soon to the finance minister that the NBR sources confirmed. Tuesday bordasabhaya NBR has decided in principle on the bank tax, he said. NBR member said on condition of anonymity, bordasabhaya the bank raised the issue of tax exemption, the consent of all members. After the approval of the summary worksheet will be sent to the Finance Minister.

According to sources, the Grameen Bank Tax Zone-14 Circle 287 adhiksetrabhukta tax payer. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) 0702001884. Total income of the company has been assessed karabarse 201213 365 crore 31 lakh.

According to the meeting, on 31 December of this year, the bank was supposed to end tax exemption benefits. The bank tax exemption period until ২0২0 application growth. Their application for consideration by the board meeting to propose new tax exemption for 5 years, the NBR decided in principle.

The NBR tax exemption to the application refers to the Grameen Bank, the organization after a series of tax exemption benefits shareholders (members of the government and the landless) is unable to provide a dividend. In the process, 006 to 100 percent, 0 percent to 007, from 008 until 013 was 30 percent. In 30 percent of the profits will be given to the continuation of 014. A large number of the population of the country the opportunity to empower the organization has received earned income as dividends. Dividends on the government money is invested.

According to sources, a summary of bordasabhaya worksheet will be sent after approval by the Finance Minister. After the approval of the finance minister to look into the legal basis for bhetinyera will be sent to the Ministry of Law. Ministry of Law No Objection received final notification will be issued. The notification will be issued on the same day, to be able to benefit from the tax exemption for the next 5 years the Grameen Bank.

However, two of the 568 bank branches in 81 of the 390 villages in the country's nearly 86 million people in 54 of the members are small loans. Under the program, members of the families of the more than 5 million. Grameen Bank has disbursed Rs 500 crore a year, about 13 thousand.

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ACC Bank will be in court documents collection

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News 4 dots kamah 56 ACC Basic bank fraud case documents required by the court to collect the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). As part of the investigation of the case before the court this week, the ACC officials want the documents. The ACC sources said on Sunday.

According to sources, this year, 1, X, and 3 September, the bank filed 56 different scam. He was appointed as the investigating officer in the case of the Commission on October 6 of 6 officers. They ACC deputy director Mohammad Ibrahim, priest Saha, Mohammad Morshed Alam, Assistant Director Shamsul Alam, deputy assistant director, assistant director AKM Fazle Hossain and Mohammad Zainal Abedin.

Basic bank fraud case, the company was involved in the bhasabi fashion, Tahmina Knitwear, Tahmina Denim, silabharakama trading, Lifestyle Fashion Maker, Khadija some, the Aundo Sons, B Alam shipping, Asian shipping, Asian food, simeksa Limited, Reliance shipping, Amira shipping and Well amaralda Industries Limited.

ACC sources, officials of the respective charge of the case will go to court to collect the documents. The documents are subject to review nathipraptira, saksatkarasaha run various activities. In this context, ACC Commissioner. Shahabuddin Chuppu told reporters, "ACC officials are to conduct their investigation independently. They can support the needs of the court.

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There naughty banking sector cycle: NBR

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Bank News 4 is working cycle of the dot-kamah the banking sector, some naughty, naughty this cycle called upon all to protest against the National Board of Revenue (NBR) chairman. Najibura Rahman.

At the opening ceremony of the fair on Tuesday Bengali special guest Banking Academy premises, he said. For the first time at the 5-day fair was inaugurated by Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr. Rahman.

In addition to the central bank's 56 domestic and foreign banks, financial institutions 6 and 7 of the financial services institutions took part in the fair. Bangladesh Bank's financial education fair for the visitors, Money Museum, Bangladesh Security Printing Press (money-making machines), various publications, commemorative coins and notes, purchase, service and complaint centers have been opened to the public.

To give the visitor an idea of the fair, the banking sector will have the participation of university students in a variety of debates, seminars, workshops, round table discussions with the various programs.

5-day fair every evening from 6 pm to 8 pm at the visitor experience for the folk song about banking products and services, including curtain binodanerao system.

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Bengali Academy Meets Banking Fair

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Bank News 4 dots kamah capital next November 4 to 5-day banking is organized by the Bangladesh Bank. According to a press release of Bangladesh Bank, the capital Bengali Academy, from 10 am to 9 pm The fair will be open to the public. 'Determination to build a banking nation, "the slogan of the stalls at the fair, in addition to the variety of banks conducted financial education, seminars, debates and cultural performances will be. Bangladesh Bank's financial education, museums Dhaka, Bangladesh Security Printing Press, the Bangladesh Bank in a variety of publications, commemorative coins and notes will be purchased, and charge fair center. Every day from 10am until 1pm to financial education programs, which are mainly skulasiksarthi, working children and vulnerable will be organized for men and women. From noon until 4pm Two university students will participate in the debate competition. Burner of competition in the banking sector the main reason for the high interest rates, currency exchange rates to market-based strategies, free flow of capital, foreign investment, inflation targets, actions, deadlines and profits. Evening from 4 pm until 6 pm with the participation of experts in the financial sector, banking services and workshops on the evening around 6 pm to 8 pm folk songs and plays about banking products and services to serve.

There are 56 banks in the country to take part in the fair. For each bank, Bangladesh Bank and several pavilions will be a stall.

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Bangladesh Bank gave special fund investment limits

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Bank News 4 dots kamah Special Purpose and stock unlisted fund, the bank's investment ceiling has set Bangladesh Bank. From now on a bank of the fund 00 million invested more than not being able to. Tuesday, Bangladesh Bank in this regard, a guideline to create a notification has been issued.

Such investments in the stock market the bank's investment (Exposure) shall not be.

According to the guidelines, Special Purpose vehicle, the Alternative Investment phandasaha commitment to investing in the fund before the bank's board of directors will decide. Then, the Bangladesh Bank approval would ask. Bangladesh Bank offsite supervision in the application must be submitted.

The application associated with the fund or funds, all information should be submitted. The Bangladesh Bank to suit the needs of the bank's capital, liquidity, assets and liabilities of the quality and quantity of the latest information to give.

The rules of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered in the Special Purpose Fund applies.

Guidelines accordance with the terms of the investment bank in connection with any party or investor Bank shares / debentures / bonds or other instruments investments can not be.

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